Do I get a tutorial explaining how to install and operate the Breaking Levels EA?
Yes, when you join the Breaking Levels team you receive access to the back office where you will find all the video tutorials you need to put your EA to work.
When I purchase my license, do I receive the configured EA?
Yes, you receive a file with the settings that you need to load into the parameters window of your Breaking Levels EA. You only have to “manually” adjust the lot/risk according to the size of your account.
What funding platform do you recommend to use de EA on?


What type of trading platform does Breaking Levels EA works on?
Exclusively on MT4
We provide you with a tutorial to link your Funding or personal account to your MT4 and your cell phone
I acquired a 12-month annual license to operate “two accounts”, one started today but the other one will start next month. Do both licenses expire at the same time?
No, each license that we provide you begins its validity from the time you received. That means, if you already have one working but the second account is not working yet, don’t worry!
When passing the evaluation test Phase I and Phase II, do the parameters on real accounts change from the original set up?
No, the operation remains the same in all phases including in real account
If I have any questions during my evaluation process, do I receive advice or support?
Yes, you have access to a VIP support group
Does the Breaking Levels team have accounts that have already passed the test and are funded?
Yes, all the support team are already funded traders doing withdrawals monthly, and the most important thing is that +90% of our “users who follow our instructions” become funded traders in a maximum of 2 months.
Approximately how long does it take me to become a funded trader with the Breaking Levels EA?
Minimum term 15 days, maximum term approximately 60 days. In that period our users become funded traders.
There is a guarantee that the Breaking levels EA will pass the evaluation accounts
No, past results do not guarantee future results. The Breaking Levels EA works on a market of risk and speculation “Indices” with impeccable risk control. However, we depend on favorable market conditions for the success of our strategy.
Are there losses in the operation of the Breaking Levels EA?
Yes, the EA works with strict parameters that control the risk (%) and the number of operations that are entered per day. Controlled losses are part of daily operations.
What are the payment methods available to acquire my license?
We accept payment with Crypto (USDT or USDC), Skrill, PayPal (Users must assume the +5% commission) and bank transfer Costa Rica and Mexico.
Can I upgrade my license and purchase another one or extend the time of my license?
Yes, at any time you can UPGRADE your license(s), ONLY IF YOU ARE AN ACTIVE USER then you have access to a special price for renewal or new licenses.
Is a refund offered?
>No, no refund is offered. All purchases are final.